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When you have issues regarding federal tax, state tax, business tax or personal taxes you need a IRS Tax Relief Lawyer to better present your case and who can fight for your rights and defend you against the aggressive actions of the IRS. At Creative Tax Solutions, our legal team will resolutely pursue an approach tailored specifically to you and your tax problems. So why to worry, speak to us for your Tax attorney consultation in Fl.

  • IRS tax debt resolution
  • IRS tax debt settlement negotiations
  • Tax planning and filing solutions

Florida Tax Attorney

At Creative Tax Solutions in the state of Florida, we solve state and federal tax problems & nationwide as well. If you are confronted with tax issues, you know how difficult to deal with the IRS tax authorities. The tax professionals and tax attorney have the right negotiation skills necessary to efficiently and effectively represent clients in both domestic and foreign tax matters. To achieve a successful resolution of your tax problem, Contact our Florida tax attorneys today

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IRS Tax Attorneys

Most Business require multiple tax analysis and U.S. tax code is complex. There are several Federal taxes that may come into play are :

  • U.S. income tax
  • U.S. estate tax
  • U.S. corporate tax
  • U.S. gift tax

At Creative Tax Solutions, FL our IRS Tax Attorneys can audit and analyze how these various tax codes impact a business transaction and tax planning. We deal with the following

  • Tax debt services
  • Installment agreements
  • Liens & levies
  • Currently not collectable
  • Payroll (941) taxes
  • Irs audits and
  • Irs offer in compromise
  • Red flag tax audit
  • Past due returns
  • Tax fraud defense and Tax court
  • Penalties and interest
  • Tax crime types
  • Innocent spouse rule
  • Wage garnishment

Corporate Tax Attorney Florida

Get a legal representation for your tax help you need to get the maximum tax relief and it’s perfectly normal to ask for help from a tax attorney near you to better manage your IRS taxes. A free consultation with your tax attorney in Florida, widens your scope of legal processes which helps you to correct the costly mistake you may do while filing the federal taxes. No matter what is your tax bracket, your salary, hourly wage, we as a corporate tax attorney in Florida, present the appropriate legal matters for better tax settlements.